POWERFUL!! Perfect Body Lose Weight Build Muscle FAST subliminal binaural biokinesis!


Hyper effective! Using binaural beats, subliminal messages, positive affirmations, and well over a dozen other technologies layered and balanced with one another, help you transform yourself into a lean, powerful, muscular person with the perfect body you always dreamed of. I've personally seen huge improvements in just two weeks!

How to use: you must be able to hear it. That's it. Now, it will work much better if you use the tips below, but even heard through a single crappy speaker you can STILL get results!

To really take advantage of everything that's happening with this video, however, do any or all of the following:

  • Wear headphones

  • In both ears

  • At a comfortable volume

  • While watching the video

  • In full-screen

  • Several times a day (at least 3x)

Try it, and let me know how it makes you feel in the comments!

Voice samples from Neville Goddard.


Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. For all health and legal concerns always consult a professional. I am not a doctor, lawyer, or financial consultant. Use this subliminal at our own risk - you must accept responsibility for your own actions. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: all subliminals by all creators including this one are for "entertainment purposes only".