Sex God Ultra ⚠⚠⚠ binaural subliminal WARNING DO NOT OVER-USE!!


Prepare to become a "Sex God". (For both men AND women!) This is a more potent, but more "harsh sounding" version of my previous Sexual Energy video. Please read the instructions in the video.

This was inspired by the "Sex God" subliminals other creators had made. I found that some worked, others didn't. I wanted to know why.

After research, experimentation, and a bit of divine inspiration, I made this: a combination of binaural beats, subliminal messages, and a few other touches that dramatically impacts the primal sexual systems, and transforms the way your mind thinks and body reacts.

Many have reported: testosterone boosts, porn addiction recovery, confidence in bed, improved performance, an end to erectile dysfunction, and more.

CAUTION: please read the warnings in the video!!! Watched too often this can ruin your night's sleep. Not only that, YOU WILL CHANGE AS A PERSON... you need to be ready for that.

Give it 3 days, and let me know what you experience in the comments!


Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. For all health and legal concerns always consult a professional. I am not a doctor, lawyer, or financial consultant. Use this subliminal at our own risk - you must accept responsibility for your own actions. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: all subliminals by all creators including this one are for "entertainment purposes only".