Subliminal Attraction (POWERFUL!) Better Than Law Of Attraction


FAQ, usage, warnings, and complete description below


Unlike some of my other subliminals this one is safe to listen to as often as you like. After some usage you find that hey, everyone is reacting really strongly to you! People smile at you, want to spend time with you, invite you out to things, and romantic involvement is a really simple thing.

Results usually begin after 1 week of daily listening, although only people who keep a daily journal note these changes. Results become UNDENIABLE and absolutely FREAKISH after a month!

Listen with headphones at least once every day, and more if you're able.

Watching the video along with listening is 100% optional and, while it will have benefit to those who understand the chakra system, isn't strictly speaking necessary.

Results should last for years. (I'm saying "should" because I haven't actually had the time to do this testing, but so far it seems permanent.)



Q: How long does it take to create results?

A: This depends on you and how much stuff you have to release, but from 1-3 weeks of dedicated listening you will see definitely see results.

Q: How often should I listen?

A: As often as comfortable. Good responses are seen at 3+ times a day for this one.

Q: Can I combine this with other subliminals?

A: It won't hurt at all, but this is designed to be stand-alone.

Q: Can I download an audio version?

A: For downloads and alternate versions please visit

Q: Should I wear headphones?

A: You should in this case. The use of binaural beats here is structured and intentional.

Q: How loud should I have it?

A: All of my subliminals are designed to work at your normal listening volume - so whatever volume you were at watching PewDiePie is good.

Q: Is it okay that I can hear the voices?

A: YES!!! Your subconscious uses the same ears your conscious mind does! If you couldn't hear them they wouldn't work. Don't worry, your conscious mind just plain won't pay attention for more than a few seconds at a time.


Please note that it is possible to experience some anxiety with this one. This is because part of what it does is unlock parts of you that haven't been working, and as they become accessed all that repressed stuff is coming to the surface. Breathe through it, find peace with it, and those repressed memories and thoughts will lose the power to harm you ever again.


One thing we discovered through testing is that just changing your body is inadequate. Personally, I've met a lot of objectively ugly models. The structure of your face isn't as powerful as you think, positive or negative.

For real, powerful attraction that changes your life, your raw instincts need to be modified. A real fundamental part of YOU needs to be unleashed. And that means one simple thing: making peace with all that is. AKA: "be cool"!

Listening to this subliminal allows you to accept everything you've ever done and everything you have ever been, and to just be okay with who you are right now. That's step one.

This, in turn, makes it okay to accept others for everything they've ever done, everything they've ever been, and to just be okay with them. That's step two.

And then, from there, you learn to just enjoy the heck out of people ***without needing anything from them in return one way or the other***. That's the final and most important step.

Why does that make you more attractive?

Because in a deep, undeniable, goes-way-past-the-subconscious way, people react positively to people who react positively to them. Basically this is what "unconditional love" actually is, but with this you'll have it for yourself and every stranger you meet (in a totally safe and realistic way!) - and when people see that they absolutely fall in love with you in return.

We tried law of attraction, we tried being charming, witty, enhancing pheromones, etc... but compared to this, those were all pathetically weak. This reaches the unreachable.

And the best part: it's honest. It's above-board. It's actually... well... quite wholesome. You can feel very good about this change. You are, in fact, becoming a better person here.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment with your experiences as well as requests for future videos.

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Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. For all health and legal concerns always consult a professional. I am not a doctor, lawyer, or financial consultant. Use this subliminal at our own risk - you must accept responsibility for your own actions. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: all subliminals by all creators including this one are for "entertainment purposes only".