Deep Trance - Delta Wave - Calm Relaxation binaural beats


Deepest delta wave binaural on YouTube! If you've never experienced this you have to try it - you can expect to feel the effects within the first few minutes. This is super intense relaxation.

Headphones required - please do not listen in public or while operating heavy machinery.

This is a straight binaural track with music that uses a specific pattern to create a deep state of relaxation, descending into a profound trance. Combine this with affirmations of your own, or simply meditate and allow healing to occur.

After a short trip through 12.3 hz we go into the very deep Delta wave frequencies here, from 2.0 hz all the way down to 0.1 hz.

That's right: we start deeper than most end, and go far, far deeper than most ever see.


Q: Can I have a slightly different version / different length of this?

A: Patrons currently have access to:

*** Full audio version of the video

*** No-music version

*** Full version with high pitched tone removed

*** High pitched tone removed with no music

Q: That first tone is really harsh! Can I turn it down?

A: Yes. In fact listening at low volume works perfectly fine as long as you can hear the tone clearly. But don't worry - that first tone is only the first minute.

Q: What does this do?

A: It helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation - so deep, in fact, you might call it "trance" or "a deep meditative state".

Q: So... What does it do?

A: Deep trance states encourage the healing process, release blockages and anxieties, and any number of other positive effects. For more information Google "effects of meditation".

Q: How often should I listen to this?

A: Relaxation is an infinitely useful thing, so feel free to enter into this state as often as you like. There is no "should" here.

Q: What affirmations are included here?

A: None. I wanted to make this as general-purpose as possible. I might create alternate versions for the Patreon, we'll see.

Q: Can I combine this with...

A: Feel free to combine it with anything that doesn't also include a binaural beat. But, strictly speaking, this is all you need.

Q: Do I have to use headphones?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I download an audio version of this?

A: Downloads are available here:

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