Easy Inner Peace Meditation


I'm giving away a free download of the audio from this video since it's a bit of a departure from my usual subliminal content. Find it in the Library at: http://subtransform.com

Using this technique you can stop feeling bad about pretty much anything. Embarrassment? Gone. Frustration? Pfft, who needs it. Sadness? Nah, I'm good.

Now, this isn't 100% (please consult a professional!), but it does work on 95% of those nagging memories, thoughts, or feelings that snags at you and makes you nuts.

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Q: How often should I listen to this?

A: Any time you notice a bad feeling you'd like to purge.

Q: How long does it take to create results?

A: A few minutes. Just keep focused on the bad feeling and keep repeating the phrases.

Q: Can I download an audio or alternate version?

A: This version and an alternate version with the binaural beats removed are available. For downloads and alternate versions please visit http://subtransform.com

Q: Should I wear headphones?

A: There are some very gentle binaural beats used here so yes, wear them to get the most out of it. If you can't though that's okay.

Q: How loud should I have it?

A: Any comfortable listening volume. This isn't a subliminal, and you do have to concentrate on it.

Q: Can I do other things while listening to this?

A: No. This is a guided meditation so you do need to give it your full attention.

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