I Believe In The Law Of Attraction Subliminal (FREE DOWNLOAD!)


Details and FAQ below - This subliminal helps you not only build your belief in the Law of Attraction, but also develop a keen sense for how it works and how to use it.

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Q: How long does it take to create results?

A: This depends on you, but expect to start noticing the LOA at work in your life within a week.

Q: How often should I listen?

A: Daily is fine, a few times a day is best.

Q: Can I combine this with other subliminals?

A: If you like!

Q: Can I download an audio or alternate version?

A: For downloads and alternate versions please visit http://subtransform.com

Current available downloads include:

* I Believe In The Law Of Attraction Subliminal.mp3

* I Believe In The Law Of Attraction Subliminal (no music).mp3

* I Believe In The Law Of Attraction Subliminal 1 hour extended (no music).mp3

Q: Should I wear headphones?

A: Headphones or speakers are fine, but make sure you can hear both left and right channels. There are no binaural beats, but the way stereo imagery was used to create a subliminal sense of space means you need both ears.

Q: How loud should I have it?

A: All of my subliminals are designed to work at your normal listening volume - so whatever volume you were at watching PewDiePie is good.

Q: Is it okay that I can hear the voices?

A: YES!!! Your subconscious uses the same ears your conscious mind does! If you couldn't hear them they wouldn't work. Don't worry, your conscious mind just plain won't pay attention for more than a few seconds at a time.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment with your experiences as well as requests for future videos.

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