Chakra Cleanse Ultra Schumann Resonance Binaural


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A patron asked me about a downloadable version of "FAST Chakra Cleanser Remove Blocks Flow Smoothly" in the latest Q&A, so I decided to sit back down with it and see if I could create something a little more potent.

Hours and hours and hours and hours later, I give you this binaural. It sounds simple when you listen to it, but the unbelievable amount of mathematics, research, audio balancing, trial and error that went in to getting this right was far more than I expected to put into it!

The result: a brand new, incredibly effective cleanser for your chakras that uses not only the 7.83 hz Schumann Resonance frequency, but also incorporates each chakra's resonance tone in the exact same binaural, all along a perfect harmonic scale.


Q: So what does this do, exactly?

A: It runs energy through each of your 7 chakras harmonized to the natural healing frequency of the planet, allowing you to clear blockages as well a number of other benefits. The final minute returns the energy back down to your root, creating a circuit so that you can naturally build energy over time.

Q: Can I have a slightly different version / different length of this?

A: Patrons currently have access to:

*** Full audio version of the video

*** Added subliminals version

*** No voices version

*** The audio from the original "FAST Chakra Cleanser Remove Blocks Flow Smoothly"

*** FAST No voices version

*** FAST Pure tones version

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Q: Do I need headphones for this?

A: Yes, headphones are absolutely required.

Q: How loud should it be?

A: You must be able to hear the pulsing tones, and should be able to focus on that pulse. It doesn't need to be loud at all - your attention is what matters.

Q: Can I drive/do other things while listening?

A: For best results please focus on each chakra as the video plays.

Q: How often should I listen to this?

A: Once a day is adequate, more creates better results, but please do not exceed 7 times a day. You'll wear yourself out and ultimately will do more harm than good.

Q: What affirmations are included here?

A: None.

Q: Can I combine this with...

A: Yes! Feel free to combine this with any other subliminal AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T USE BINAURAL BEATS AS WELL.

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