Affirmation Tip: Don't Argue With Yourself


Eventually I just had to whip my headphones across the room.

For some reason listening a series of positive affirmations was making me angry. Furious. Absolutely righteously indignant.

And I had no idea why.

I was flat broke and listening to a series of Law of Attraction based wealth affirmations. It wasn’t anything fancy, just typical things like:

  • I am rich

  • Money flows to me easily

  • I always have spending money

But here’s the thing: my pockets were empty. So was my bank account. The future, as far as I could tell, looked to be just about exactly the same as the present.

So every time I heard those and repeated them aloud my gut would say: "This is nonsense. And it isn't doing anything. And these people are lying to me. And I'm lying to myself! Gah!"

This doesn’t just happen to me, and it’s not just with conscious affirmations. It happens with subliminal affirmations too.

Fact is you can tell yourself to be positive all you want, but if your affirmations say something that your five senses show isn't true then you're just creating an inner conflict.

And yes, you can say "this will happen" instead. You can always remix your affirmations to say “I will be rich,” for instance. The problem now is that you're not necessarily doing anything different today.

So what do you do?

Option 1: Power through it.

It's possible. Eventually you can wear yourself down. But wow is it ever draining, and often leaves a few emotional moments in its wake that the people around you won't really understand.

Option 2: Work with your subconscious, not against it.

Rather than make affirmations that declare reality to be a certain way, just say to the subconscious: "Hey... imagine this."

Because the subconscious doesn't know the difference between imagining and reality as long as you don't tell it one way or another. We can duck the argument and put the subconscious to work by instead.

This means that the old affirmations:

  • I am rich

  • Money flows to me easily

  • I always have spending money

Change into something closer to:

  • A rich life

  • Money flowing in with ease

  • Pocket money

That's it. Just strip it all down to the bare concepts, let the subconscious unpack and contemplate the ideas themselves, and then as you go through your life it'll start finding ways to weave those concepts into your reality.

Let me know if you have any questions!

All my love,

The Creator