Secret Project and Patron Requests


Here’s a breakdown of all the requests discussed in the video:

Memory: definitely going to happen, just a little more research on how to convert the techniques into proper subliminal affirmations.

Fountain of Eternal Youth and Joviality: this is the kind of thing I’m definitely looking at doing, but it might be a bit of time.

Hyper Virility and Penis Performance: I’m hesitant to make this public - currently available through private commissions.

Think And Grow Rich: will likely take those ideas and integrate into other subliminals.

Omnipotence: not likely to work, so not likely I’ll be getting into this - yet.

Focus and Concentration: eventually, but many people are already doing this really well, so I need to find a unique way to improve upon what other people have done.

Sleep: Coming this week!

Penis Enlargement: it will go public at 50,000 subscribers!

Grow Taller: more research needed to do this safely, although I will be producing a straight back / posture subliminal.

Clear Eyesight: definitely possible, will be making a video on this for sure!

Become a Famous Singer/Actor: this is a specific Law of Attraction request - can be done but might be some time, will wait for more requests for this.

Pass Exams: will prepare it for the fall semester.

Win the Lottery: will likely release in the next month or so.

Focus on Working On Goals: releasing this on Tuesday under the title “Get It Done”.

Silent Subliminal: gave a walkthrough for doing this right now - but strictly speaking silent subliminals are just silence.

Make My Wife Love Me More: please pursue personal inner peace. This has a much more dramatic effect in the behavior of others towards you than aiming your energies at them.

Good Eyesight: addressed above.

Stop Drinking Alcohol: definitely will do this in the future.

The Secret Project is…

a subliminal app! It will work on Android, iOS, and through the website, and incorporate everything released through Subliminal Transformation. You’ll be able to make playlists in the app, set which ones you’d like to repeat, etc.

To make this happen I’ll need to grow the number of patrons I have (and save up a bit of my own money as well), but sooner or later we will make this happen.

Watch the blog for future updates on this project!