Gaming Reflexes Rife Frequency


Improve your gaming skills! This combines subliminal messages with binaural beats to make you:

  • Clear and focused

  • More clever and creative

  • Improved accuracy, speed, reflexes

  • Strategic mind

  • Always a step ahead of your opponents

Positive affirmations are combined with a 20hz Rife frequency on an adrenaline-stimulating carrier frequency to keep you "in the zone" in an energized, focused, but relaxed way ideal for pro-level gaming.



Q: How often should I listen to this?

A: Whenever you're gaming. Generally leave it on a loop the whole time you're playing - make sure to turn off the in-game music so you can hear it properly.

Q: How long does it take to create results?

A: You'll be a bit better within a few minutes, and gradually as you use this every day you'll get better and better.

Q: Can I combine this with other subliminals?

A: No harm in it, although while you're not listening to this the binaural frequencies won't be keeping you in the correct focused state of mind.

Q: Can I download an audio or alternate version?

A: For downloads and alternate versions please visit

Current available downloads include:

  • YouTube version

  • Full version (30 minutes, loops seamlessly)

  • Adrenaline mix (30 minutes, INTENSE, loops seamlessly)

Q: Should I wear headphones?

A: Yes, very important.

Q: How loud should I have it?

A: All of my subliminals are designed to work at your normal listening volume - so whatever volume you were at watching PewDiePie is good.

Q: Is it okay that I can hear the voices a bit?

A: Yes, that's fine, and in fact is probably a good sign that you're at a good volume.

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