Win Lottery Law Of Attraction Subliminal


Powerful affirmations combine to create a subliminal that will help you:

  • Win the lottery

  • Use the Law of Attraction with intention

  • Meditate upon winning the lottery

  • Appreciate that you deserve it

  • Feel ready for it

  • Attract the winning ticket

  • Experience gratitude

  • Become the "type of person" who tends to win things

  • Accept the reality that this is who you are

  • Accept your destiny as a winner

  • Imagine in vibrant detail winning the lottery

  • Feel that experience as a reality

  • Let go of any barriers

  • Adopt the millionaire mindset

This version is awesome, but the Full Version is 20 minutes long and removes the music so that you can play it on a constant loop throughout your day.

Patrons can also download an extra version that has a 4hz Theta binaural beat to allow you to absorb the affirmations in a positive, meditative state, and uses the 432 hz carrier frequency which resonates with the heart chakra and is the natural frequency of the universe.

It is recommended that you listen to this several times a day, and if you really want to make it count combine it with this video:

Luck Magnet Infinity

A certain amount of dedication is required for this to work, but if you listen every day and practice intentional meditation and Law of Attraction visualization then a winning ticket is inevitable.

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Cinemagraph credit goes to u/orbojunglist who created it from the music video for "Jefe Indio - Rápidamente"

Music by Geographer (side note: aren't they awesome? I didn't know what I was going to use but when I stumbled upon them it was immediately decided. Check out their channel!)