Remember People's Names Forever


NOTE: Important TIPS and FAQ below multiply your results 100x!

Names matter. Listen to this and be one of those people who always, always remembers people's names. It's a skill that will earn you respect, make communication much easier, and change your life.

This will create the habits that people who remember names use every single time they meet someone new. The habits become intuitive, easy, and natural, and when someone says their name you'll be excited that this precious bit of knowledge has now become part of who you are.

And make no mistake: remembering names is a skill. It's not something that "just happens". You do it on purpose.

But the good news is that it's easy once you know how, and with a subliminal like this one it becomes a reflex. 

TIP #1: Listen every day at least once, and there's no upper limit or downside to listening to it more.

TIP #2: Slight improvement starts after the first day, but keeping a journal magnifies results 10x so it's worth logging how you're progressing!

TIP #3: Downloads of the audio, as well as a full 20 minute version designed to be looped and played in the background or while you are sleeping, are available at


Q: What specific habits am I creating here?

A: With this subliminal you will:

  • Remember names the first time you hear them

  • Value names a great deal - a key to memory formation

  • Connect their name to them as a person

  • Imagine their name as a symbol (ex: "Mark" might be imagined as a big black mark across his upper lip)

  • Notice how their name sounds

  • Connect the name with a feeling

  • Feel comfortable asking for their name if you missed it the first time

  • Use names in conversation

  • Be able to write their name down later to prove you remember it

  • Stay present in the conversation without letting your mind wander off (valuing the person you're speaking with makes remembering names much easier)

  • Take pride in knowing people's names

Q: Should I wear headphones?

A: Doesn't matter this time.

Q: Is this permanent?

A: Yes, absolutely, although make sure to remember names on purpose on a regular basis to really lock it in.

Q: How loud should I have it? 

A: A normal comfortable listening volume, like you'd listen to any YouTube video.

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