Self-Esteem and Self-Worth


Self esteem and self worth work hand in hand to create confidence and self-respect. Basically if you don't have them then, no matter what you do, you'll be miserable.


No matter who you are or what life you've lived, you are worthy of love and worthy of respect. And that starts with how you think about and treat yourself.

In this subliminal we take you through 5 key steps to building self-esteem:

1. Say only kind things to yourself - Being mean does not make anyone a better person (on either side of the conversation!). Forgive, show compassion, accept.

2. Take actions with your greatest good in mind - What will you be happy tomorrow that you did today?

3. Exercise - Even if it's only a little walk. Raise your heart rate a bit. It increases circulation in your brain and allows for new ideas.

4. Be okay with where you are - You are not the world around you, you are not other people, you are you - and that's totally fine!

5. List what you're sort of good at and get even better at it. - And yes, it can be more than one thing! This is how you discover who you are.

We ALSO take you through 5 major steps towards a healthy and realistic sense of self-worth:

1. Search for Self-Understanding - Journal, talk to someone, ask yourself: who would I be if I was alone on a desert island? If my possessions were all gone?

2. Accept What Is - I am enough, I am whole, I am as worthy as anyone

3. Care For Yourself With Love - What would you say to someone in your situation that you deeply, profoundly loved? What would you do? Say and do those things to yourself.

4. Accept That You Are Worthy - No need to please other people. You alone control how you feel about you. Your true value comes from inside. You make the decision to accept that you are worthy.

5. Take Responsibility For Yourself - You can change your life. You have learned and are learning self-worth. Be proud of what you've done so far and continue to build.

Remember: everybody makes mistakes, perfection is a myth, and it's important to accept yourself just the way you are.

This subliminal is great on its own or combined with the "Easy Inner Peace Meditation", found here:



Q: How often should I listen to this?

A: Every day, a minimum of 3-5 times. More if possible. Have it playing all day if possible.

Q: How long does it take to create results?

A: Depends on where you start and how open you are to accepting yourself. It will be different for everyone.

Q: Can I download an audio or alternate version?

A: For downloads and alternate versions please visit

Current available downloads include:

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