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IMPORTANT: this goes way deeper than just chasing away your nerves. You'll still have a normal person's emotions but in your core, at the heart of it, you'll know that nothing is beyond you. Confidence isn't just a feeling - it's an action, an understanding, a whole way of life!

Have you ever felt like a "fraud"?

When was the last time you felt like, any second now, people would judge what you were saying?

Do you remember thinking you were "unworthy" of positive feedback?

HERE'S A SECRET: everybody feels this way. In fact, some of the most wildly talented and successful people in the world feel this way all the time. It's so common there's a name for it: "impostor syndrome".

Most people just "pump themselves up" to feel confident, but underneath they're still crying out with anxiety. You can tell this is happening in those "cringe" moments when people have a lot of enthusiasm but ruin it with a hint of nervousness and need for approval underneath it all.

So let's get confidence at our core. Let's make confidence who we truly, sincerely are, and do it in a way that keeps us self-aware and balanced in a healthy way.

This subliminal will:

  • Help you beat impostor syndrome (see references below for more information!)

  • Know that you are worthy

  • Feel great about what you've accomplished

  • Feel motivated to take action

  • Massively reduce any severe anxiety

  • Clear away self-doubt

  • See yourself in a much more realistic (and positive!) light

  • Get better every day

  • Gain courage in the face of even the biggest challenges

  • Persevere when mistakes are made or obstacles come

  • Be bold, share your thougts and ideas

  • Feel good about yourself

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Q: How often should I listen to this?

A: 3 times a day for the YouTube Version, or once a day for the Full Version.

Q: How long does it take to create results?

A: On average people will notice changes in a few days, then hit a bit of a "plateau" where nothing seems to be changing for a week or two, and then have some major breakthroughs in week 3.

Q: Can I download an audio or alternate version?

A: For downloads and alternate versions please visit

Current available downloads include:

* YouTube version (minus my voice at the end)

* Full version (30 minutes, no music)

Q: Should I wear headphones?

A: Doesn't matter this time.

Q: Is it okay that I can hear the voices a bit?

A: Yes, that's fine, and in fact is probably a good sign that you're at a good volume.



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