Writer's Block Cure



Never suffer from writer's block ever again! This subliminal will help you engage in the reliable, dependable, unquestionably successful techniques that have propelled writers into wild success for generations.

This subliminal will:

* Get you writing

* Stimulate your creativity

* Help you find solutions to writing problems

* Get you unstuck

* Work around your anxiety

* Make writer's block easier to manage

* Help you establish a regular writing routine

* Encourage you to eliminate distractions

* Encourage you to move around physically and clear your mind

* Cure writer's block for good



1. Listen to this the whole way through at least twice.

2. While listening, prepare your environment by getting rid of distractions. Close the social, put away the mess.

3. Start writing whenever you feel ready - but if the second play-through ends and you haven't started, you HAVE TO START IMMEDIATELY.

4. Just write anything. Doesn't have to be good, doesn't have to make sense, doesn't have to even be on-topic. It just has to be words you wrote.

5. Don't stop for at least 15 minutes.



Q: How often should I listen to this?

A: Every day, a minimum of 2 times.

Q: How long does it take to create results?

A: If you follow instructions, it works on day 1. Expect to start finding it easier and easier to write, with a permanent writing routine after 21 days.

Q: Can I download an audio or alternate version?

A: For downloads and alternate versions please visit http://subtransform.com

Current available downloads include:

* YouTube version

* Full version (20 minutes, no music)

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Pictured in thumbnail: William S. Burroughs, one of my favorite writers of all time.


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