I know what subliminal messages are, but what's "a subliminal"?

People have been creating audio and video to intentionally inject subliminal messages into their own subconscious as a means of personal development and growth. Here are some examples.

But isn’t that dangerous? How do I know there aren’t bad things in there?

All of my subliminals use positive language and are made with love, but I respect your apprehension. This is why the complete scripts are made available to all Patrons.

What can a subliminal do?

A subliminal works by giving your subconscious a new truth to consider. From there, your neurology does what it does, whether that's simply adjusting your thinking, creating a new habit, or shifting your biology. There's a lot of debate on exactly how far this can go, and active experimentation is now underway to push the limits of this technology.

My question isn’t listed here. Where do I go?

If your question is about a specific subliminal please feel free to leave a comment right on the post itself. Otherwise, reach out to me on the Contact Page.


What about "binaurals"?

Binaural beats also affect your neurology by helping your mind resonate with a specific frequency. Depending on the frequency, your mental state is shifted accordingly. These are sometimes used in conjunction with subliminal messages, but it very much depends on the desired effect.

I found a subliminal that says it will do something that sounds more like magic. Is this for real?

Many people believe that through principles like the Law of Attraction one can draw certain realities to themselves with focused attention. Others believe that, since the human body comes from a single cell, a subliminal can take them beyond simple glandular and neurological responses and into even more extreme changes.

My creations are 100% results-driven, and so yes you’ll often see results from these - although results may vary.

There is no single consensus on these things, however, so you are encouraged to experiment and log your results daily in order to see what works for you.